French noob


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Hi i'm french(excuse my bad English lol)

I Know your forum with the tank of chingchai,and i traveled your forum and i find this very interesting,finally i decide to register on.

I am 22 ,and i come from burgundy ,The region of fines wines lol

About my tank,i have a Osaka 155L in Water since 2 years,and i prepared a 575L(160cmx60x60) this one is in cycle since march 2012,impoundment is planned in 2 Week or more

And i think that's all lol

I suppose You have any question lol

I hope to be comprehensive ^^


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Thank you ,

Great effort to speak french,and your french is great.

Your forum Will oblige me to speak correctly English ,i Want to speak English Fluent.

I see for you it's the end of day lol,but me i go to sleep lol.

Am i pretty comprehensive??