Fresh chopped shrimp vs frozen in the pack


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Does anyone here buy and chop up fresh shrimp to feed their fish?

If so do you see a bigger difference doing it that way than the feeding frozen processed shrimp ?


Michigan Mike

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Yup, the raw uncooked, de tailed/de shelled shrimp, works real good for carnivorous fish and most of my corals.
I used to use the kind that had shells still on until I found the kind that already removed the shell.
Chopping it can be a pain, but I like it better and it's cheaper than buying cubes.


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I prefer the cubes myself - 3 kids = busy life ... Something else to consider is some of the cube brands add vitamins, amino acids, ruffage to maintain a complete diet. Obviously you can buy all your ingrdients yourself & make a mixture, but it starts to add up.

Buy a bottle of selcon or zoecon if you don't have it yet.