Frogspawn is dying


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I noticed that 3 of the heads on my frogspawn are dying and gave off some kind of tissue that irritated some of my soft corals. Are these stuff deadly to other corals? What should I do? I am planning to do a water change tomorrow morning if this would help the water quality. Please let me know what other things I need to do. I am not sure what causes the frogspawn's death aside from not replacing the PC bulbs after a year.


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Here's my water params:

temp = 78-80
salinity = 1.025
Ca = 400
Alk = ok
Mg = not testing
Po4 = not testing

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what are your water parameters?


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He might have a Red Sea test kit and I think it only says something like normal/bad, and doesn't give an actual measurement for the Alk test in their big kit.

Though it might be somewhat deceptive in a situation where something has already died in the tank, I'd also test for amonia, nitrite, and nitrate as well. Unfortunately the die off of the frogspawn could cause readings now that weren't the case prior to it's demise.

The only other thing I could think is that your salinity could actually be higher than what was measured. If you're using a hydrometer, check it against a refractometer to see if it is accurate. Also, make sure the float is moving freely. If there is any resistance, flush it out good. A sticky float can give you a false reading.

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should the fresh water be with salt or not? for how long?

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you could try a fresh water dip for the frogspawn to try and stop the recession.