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Corpus Callosum

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I'm just wondering if one had a baby clam (that would require lots of phytoplankton feedings) at say 1.5" - 2" , how long would it take for the clam to grow out of the baby stage and become more photosynthetic?
i saw a baby maxima 1-2" size for 19.00 wondering the same thing. how lond would it take to get to say 4-6" size i just picked up my first clam today a dersa its a 4"
Well, I'm sure others will chime in, but, I think an 1-2" a year is pretty solid growth, with good lights and DTs.

I just finished my first clam tank and have begun to stock in, 1 (3") squamosa, 1 (4") black/gold maxima. Clams are so cool!