Fruit Loops


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I have some emeralds on fire. Which are similar and they are growing really quick at the bottom of my tank. Id say it depends on what light you have over your tank tho. Zoas can handle a wide variety of lights.


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I don't have fruit loops but with good lighting (MH, T5) they should thrive anywhere in the tank. Most zoos are pretty adaptable.


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my fruitloops didnt open when i had it on the 250+ par area, i had to move it to the side to the 110 par area for it to open up. i believe they dont like strong light base on my experience.


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Low, in fact with a little bit of shade they will thrive.

I bought a frag with 5 polyps and after 2 weeks i have 9


It's all going to depend on what lighting you have. If you can snag a PAR meter and get PAR readings throughout your tank you can get a better idea on position what coral where:)