FS 29G Reef Tank and all support eqpt.


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O.K., I have to get rif of this stuff or my wife is going to kill me. My office looks like a reefers pawn shop. Didnt get much interest in full tank setup, some questions but no follow up, so those of you that want anything, please IM me and let me know.

If you want it all, speak quickly and I will discount it to $325 for the whole shooting match.

29G Tank with drilled corner overflow and stand to match (black) with hood sized for Metal Halide and 24" CF or T5's (not included unless you buy full setup). - $75

AMiracle 10G Mudd Sump/Refugium (20X10X14) with 13W Power Compact Strip bulb for macro growth and Rio HF Return Pump, rated for up to 60G tank - $100 ($240 retail online without pump)

Aqua Medic HQI 150W Double End MH Pendant fixture with 14K Bulb (8. mos old) including all hardware (cables unused) with remote magnetic ballast - $100 (retail $240 online)

Coralife Aqualight Retrofit Compact Flourescent Kit, 2X24" 65W with two extra bulbs - $50 (retail $107 w/out extra bulbs)

20 lbs. of Live Sand in a free 5 gallon bucket ($5 retail value for bucket:)) - $20

30 lbs of Live Rock - These are going to be good for a smaller tank as I am keeping the larger ones for my new big tank (the reason I am selling this stuff) - $50

This is a great setup, just cant keep another tank. It is torn down and ready to go. I have the live rock in the big tank (it is all at least a year old) and the live sand in a bucket in the house. I am located in Lithia, which is Southeast of Tampa, near Brandon. We are out of town this weekend, but will be back Sunday afternoon. I will respond to messages then, unless I get something back today or tomorrow morning.

Thanks for looking. Here is a picture of the tank and stand:



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I will pay 350 if you could bring the tank and stuff to me. Let me know, i live in sw orlando, a place called windermere.