FS LPS and a Leather


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I'm Trying to make a little extra money so I have decide to sell some of my corals

First is a Duncan with 14 heads I am asking $65.00

Frogspawn hammer hybrid asking 20.00 3 head

a Frag of Torch coral 1 that is splitting into 2 $15.00

and a Piece of leather the I cut well over a month ago asking $10.00 . I will post a picture of what it will look like as well .

This is just for pick up I cannot ship . I live in San Clemente
and for what ever reason i can get or send PM i dont know how to delete them so please post here or you can text me at 949-374-2442 thanks


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I will Take $55 for the Duncan Need money Today it has 14 heads this is way cheaper then Retail Please PM me or Text to 949-374-2442


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Will to take $45 for the Duncan i also have 2 more heads of the frog spawn hammer hybrid will take $15 for that . My pm is working now so if you like just shoot me a PM . Thank you for looking every thing else is still for sale


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OK Gang i really need money Today i will take $80 for the the hole lot that is 14 heads Duncan , 2 head of Frogspawn hammer hybrid , a Frag of Torch coral with 1head that is splitting into 2, and a 2" x 2" of Leather . Great deal