FS: Nuvo 16 Complete Setup


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My daughter wanted the space in her room. Took it to my classroom for the last several months to get it back on track. Previously had a bit of dino issue, but seems to be doing well for a while now after some measures takenIMG_20220520_094408.jpgIMG_20220520_094906.jpgIMG_20220520_094612.jpgIMG_20220520_094915.jpgIMG_20220520_094857.jpg. Too small of a tank to keep running for a classroom long-term with summer, so need to move it along- really not trying to bring it home for the summer.

- Marshall Island and Tonga Branch Live Rock- had for a long time, hate to move along, but ahh well
- 7 RBTA- 4 decent fist sized, 3 smaller growing- 1 only pink, all others rainbow??
- Hairy green shrooms (rics maybe)
- Kenya Tree
- Random zoas
- Nepthea
- Mini carpet anemone
- Various snails 9 (had stomatellas, not sure if there are some still)
- hermits
- Coral Banded Shrimp
- Pearl Eye Clarks Clown
- Blue and Yellow Damsel (not the ultra cheap one)
- Emerald Crab (unless that wasn't a molt)

- Nuvo 16 AIO- Resealed, not super clean but not really noticeable, solid for as long as we have had the tank
- Reefbreeders Photon 24- several years old, no burnt LEDS, used on lower power- painted white with appliance enamel to match tank
- Jebao DC 2000 return pump
- Eheim Auto Feeder
- Heater
- other??

$200 firm, not parting out, unless someone wants all livestock