FS: RBTA in Lake Forest $30


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Guys, need this picked up tonight or tomorrow before noon!

Man, talk about lucky this morning, maybe a good sign before I hit Vegas for the weekend.

I have two nems in my tank that have been same spot for YEARS now. Mother is 4 years old. Well, it looked like it was splitting a few days back, but I wasn't sure. Well, I get up this morning, and the clone is on the back panel, right next to my tunze stream! WHEWWWW. It was in sleep mode, thankfully. If that had been caught in there overnight and died, don't wanna think about it....

Regardless, I scraped it off the back glass and it's in a container in my sump. I'm working now, be home after 5pm tonight, and fly to Vegas for three days tomorrow. I'd like to get it in someones tank, not in my sump, before then.

Again, mother is 4 years old, maybe 5? Clone, 2 years old. Both very hardy nems. Assuming this one will be no different!

Don't know what the going rate is any more for these guys, I think I've sold two clones in the past for $40, but whatever, $30 is good, just come get it.

Text me if interested please. 949-422-9 zero nine two.