FS/Trade 29g Drilled W/ Bulkheads & Custom Overflow


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Hello Everyone, I never got around to setting this one up.
It is a 29g that is drilled in 5 places- my original intent was (drilled dimensions given):
1X 1" overflow,
2x 1/2" returns
and A CL via 2x 1".
Included with all of this is a brand new, custom overflow that was made by Marc Levenson aka "Melev" from melev's reef, it spans the entire width of the tank, and is about 5" tall black acrylic.
Also included is brand new black bulkheads for all of the above, overflow screens X2, and loc-line for the 2X 1/2" returns, & 1 3/4" CL Return.

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All someone has to do is silicone the overflow into place, tighten the bulkheads and fill it up. You could very realistically have a tank up in a weekend.

Id take $100 OBO or trade towards an all-in-one + $$
The custom made overflow was almost $80 alone!

I also have a HOB overflow for sale if anyone is interested $25
More PICS Here