funny zoa pic i took


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or rather weird, i have a neon green colony and some pinks on the other side of the tank. it's more visible in person, but this is what i snapped yesterday, kind of neat



can you spot the odd man out?


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Sorry to sound stupid, as I am, but what are we looking at?

lol r u color blind?


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i can just imagine what that pink zoa said to the other pinks,

"why cant we party like those green guys do? you guys are boring! I'm going over there, C-YA, i'm out of here!"

Steve, i'll let you answer this one

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lol r u color blind?


lmao...well i have a colony of zoa's that have pink skirts and orange circles inside and right smack in the middle of the colony is another colony of zoa's with blue skirts and green inside.


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well if they all get together and throw a party,. i'll be there!!

My GF has a colony with a stray zoo too! i think it just got lost the and rest decided to keep him out of sympathy (hes the only ugly one in the bunch)


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I've got those pink death zoos growing everywhere, and I've got one kenya tree growing in the middle of them, a few green zoos mingling around the sides, and one blue/purple mushroom in the mix too.