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I know Redlands is a little out of the way but I thought I'd try. My frag tank is getting pretty full so I would like to see how much interest there is in what I have to offer. I am always interested in trades for nice sps or reasonable offers. Zoo frags will range between 10 and 25 dollars for the most part.

Green Sinularia $30ish

Various zoo frags and hydnophora


Various montipora Large frags of montipora pelitformis for around $25.

2 larger plate corals both for $30

There are other corals such as frogspawn, hammer, lobophylia, and others that I don't have pics of.


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nice looking crop of frags. any pics and description of your frag system?

bring some of your excess stock to Gho's frag swap in anaheim hills (91 and imp Hwy) on May 12th.


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Thanks sharkdude. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the swap. The frag system is an 80 gallon 48x24x16 glass tank that shares a sump/refuge with my 180 display. There are two 14k halides, an aquaC 240 w/mag 18, a little giant return for the prop and mag 9.5 for the 180. There is also a small acrylic tank on the side which is housing a couple rose anemones.





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nice looking setup.

Too bad you can't make Gho's swap.
Do consider attending RAP IV in August at the OC fairgrounds.
I believe the hobbyist booths are first come, first served or you could share a slightly larger booth with someone if there are some still available.


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Mcain - I got those from Eric at fragfarmer when he moved.

Thanks sharkdude its been a long work in progress but its finally at a place I am happy with many dollars later I will look into RAP.


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Redlands is not too far for me. As a matter of fact, I was planning on coming by your shop this week Steve. I will call you before to make sure its ok to drop by. Mayget some SPS frags from you.... but not any brown sticks :lol:

Jhorricks, Those are some nice zoos. I also like that Cap you have. How much for the Cap and some zoos?



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JH, sorry for the Hijack. Nice setup. Like to see your tanks some time.

Brock... you know my number. I'm almost always here.



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Dave - Thanks it was nice meeting you, I hope the skimmer is working well for you.

Steve - No prob, I would also like to see your setup.