GBTA question


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I recently (4 days ago) added a GBTA to one of my 22 cube for my clowns to (hopfully) host in. Before I added him, I shut off the light for the rest of the day, and next few days only ran a 4 hour photo period increasing it by 1 hour each day. Now he is at the bottom of the tank, slightly under a shelf. He looks healthy, and ate a piece of silverside. But, will he move back up into the light? I thought about moving him back up higher to see what would happen, but I know he is not getting enough light at the bottom of the tank.

If I decide to move him, how to you "unattach" the foot? I dont want to hurt him, but I want to make sure he is getting enough light as well.. Should I just leave hime alone?

BTW my light is a 70w MH.


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don't move him.....he'll move himself so that he gets the appropriate light.....let him acclimate himself, and he will move in time....

thats the best thing you should do....


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I agree. Leave him alone. they will live where they want. BTA like to feel secure and often will attatch under a rock or ledge. you will be surprised how far they can stretch themselves out to the get the light and flow they want. Mine has his foot attatched to a rock on the bottom of my tank which is under a ledge and or cave. He pulls back at night and in the day stretches for light. I had moved him once or twice when I originally got him from this spot and realized that it did not matter where I wanted him as he was going to live where he wants. Moving him just makes him prone to wandering


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Yeah just let him find his spot. BTA's can be really hard to unattach, and if their foot gets damaged when trying, they are stuck fighting for survival. Just give him some time. :)


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My GBTA really hates light. They dont require much at all.

His home is inside my rock work. lol

Also they prefer a 14k or 20k bulb over a 10k.