GEO Calcium Reactor need advice


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Need some advice with my CR. Previously I kept my alk about 10-11 constantly. ph in CR I kept about 6.9. As my reef grows alk dropped to about 8 now. Here is what I do to increase it:

I increase CO2 bubbles and pH in CR drops to about 6.4. The problem it brings:
it clogs the drops output into the tank, so I increase the flow to the point that it flows not drops, otherwise it clogs all the time. (still keeping 6.4 pH)

also in chamber 1 of CR always lots of bubbles after the pH drop, CR starts to make noise as those bubbles get into the circ pump.

Is there a way to make it silent ? and how to I prevent clogging ?

Anything I do is wrong ?


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I had the same problem until I started using a peristaltic pump. I use the Kamoer
It does push the water, it sucks the water through the reactor.