Getting back into it


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Hi all. Not been on here for some time ( 5yrs ish), used to have this tank : but ended up selling as i just didn't have the time to look after it

Looking to get back into it now with something a bit smaller. Wandered if anyone can recomend an all in one marine system? Always fancied a red sea max but they are pretty pricey. Any ideas? (dont want to build my own)




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Fluval is making some good looking rimless all in one tanks these days. I used to have a 29 gallon BioCube and loved it.

However, I will say this... I spent more time maintaining my smaller tanks than my larger tanks throughout the years. The larger tanks more money and time to set up, but once stable you don't NEED to do more than simple water changes and dosing. Same thing you would do with a smaller tank.


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Yeh, i agree with it being bigger means its easier to maintain. but i was living at home when i had the BIG tank and had loadsa space but not at home now so dont have the space.

the fluvals are nice but pretty pricey for such small tanks £400+

something like that looks ok. seen a few similar sized/equiped ones at a local garden center for about £270

i wouldnt mind going second hand ( most of my tanks have been so far ) seem some red sea max X-130's for around £200 on ebay.


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Go on Craigslist or other local forums. Owned a 34 gallon Red Sea, it was nice. Also had a bio cube 24 gas. That was quite some work as I finicked with it and spent a lot more money looking for nano sized equipment. The simple fact of having a sump now makes me regret ever deciding to do nano's but if that's what you're looking for, go for it :) it will be an enjoyable experience.