Getting clam for birthday... help me decide

J Crew

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my wife is going to buy me a clam of my choice for my birthday. i'm looking for a small clam 1.5"-2.5" and around the $40-$55 dollor range before shipping. it's going in my 55 gallon reef and you can see it current setup at the bottom. which clam is alittle hardier than the other, crocea or maxima? and where would you suggest is a good online retailer of clams? thanks for your input and suggestions, peace

ps - if you'd like to post any pics of your clams, that would be great... give me something to look forward to :)

pps - i originally posted my thread in general discussion, but moved it here after someone replied saying that there was a disease going around killing clams. i'm wanting to get some more info on this and also want to make sure the retailer i purchase from has healthy clams. thanks for any additional help. here's my original thread:
A great first clam is a hippoppus. I love mine and you don't see them around very much.

Check out, JP has lots of maximas to chose from in your price range. If you want to go a little bit more expensive I would go with clams direct. Barry has awesome clams and wonderful customer service. I placed an order with him over a month ago, not only did he call to make sure my shipment arrived okay, but he also sent a card thanking me for using him! You don't get any better than that! Good luck with your search.

Personally I would go with a crocea, simply for the fact that they stay much smaller than maximas (although IME maximas are fairly slow growers in the scheme of things). Croceas are noted as the most difficult of the Tridacna species to keep but IMO given the right conditions, clams in general are extremely hardy animals.
Personally I like the Gigas. If you want to see rapid growth and a own a sharp looking clam that is not as light hungry as crocea's or maxima's then the Gigas is great. It will outgrown your tank quicker then you think though.

Oh yea, Barry at Clam's Direct is awesome to do business with and has some beautiful clams.

Just another picture of the Gigas, just from the top down this time, oh yea the little squamosa snuck into the picture, quick little guy. ;)