Getting ready to move sale


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Hello all,
I am going to be moving in the not-to-distant future. My wife and I have decided that we'd rather try to sell most of our aquarium stuff and upgrade and start from scratch in the new location once we get settled. Therefore I am coming to you for help! If you are interested in any of the below, please let me know. You can either get in touch here or email at

Fish first, all about 2 years old:
Hippo tang, about 4"
One percula clown, about 1 1/2"
Royal Gramma, about 2"
One yellow tail damsel, about 1"

Two small colonies of zooanthids, blue green with bright green dot centers
One ricordia-type mushroom
Few red mushrooms
One devil's hand coral

Other critters:
One black and one maroon serpent stars
One common dancer shrimp
One anemone of uncertain type, about 3-4" diameter with a penchant for frozen shrimp
Three black echinometra sea urchins
One tuxedo urchin

If I can get rid of most of these, I then will try to sell the live rock/sand and most of the Equipment as well.

As far as prices go, basically I'd like to get _something_ for them, but am happy if they go to a good home.



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I will be most happy to get rid of the live rock and sand, but need to find homes/sell the other livestock first.


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I'll take the hippo but can't until I move up there. We'll be in town and ready for fish on the 30th. Our last hippo died in hurricane Katrina last year and my wife has been wanting one very badly ever since. His new home will be a lightly stocked 240.


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tuxedo urchin and serpant stars have a happy home in my aquarium. i'll be in peoria tomorrow for work, then not back for maybe 2 weeks. LMK.

are they serpants or brittle stars? i'm not interested if they are brittle starfish.