Ghost Saltwater?


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i think i heard somewhere that ghost shrimp can be aclimated to saltwater. anybody know if this is true or not.
i throw ghost shrimp in for my lion, but they usually die in about 2 days if they don't get eaten. I don't actually acclimate them though.
1. I want a shrimp in my pico and maby my 20.
2. I have algae
3. I would rather spend $0.20 on a shrimp than $20
4. I have hight phosphates and these are tolorant while other SW shrimp are not.
5. I want a shrimp in my SW tank.
I have a freind who owns a small fish store and he expirements with acclimating differant fresh water and brackish fish to saltwater, he had acclimated some Ghost Shrimp in a tank that had a severe red algea problem (i know the name of the algea but its 1 am and im tired), they were like lawnmowers completely cleaned the tank in a few days time..although it turned them kind of a brown color.
Oh and BTW buy a Peppermint Shrimp usually like 5-10 dollars , avoid Camel Shrimp they are cheap and seem to like to eat Button Polyps and Zoos
Skunk Cleaner Shrimps ~$10
Pederson Anemone Shrimps ~$15

why not spend a little for such a COOL shrimp? I bet you spend more on dinner every day...
They're all sorts of sizes, all the same prices, at a REALLY great local LFS. They have good prices on everything, and have very healthy fish that they treat very well.

I am amazed at the prices of skunk cleaners! I guess I'm really lucky.

I got mine at a small to medium size, just because I like to see them grow. THey had little babies up to full sized ones.
I've had Glass Shrimp in my Fuge for months, you have to acclimate them through brackish water for couple of weeks and them gradually change the water to salt, it's usually the salinity level that kills them off but I think if you did it slowly you can get them to reproduce.

The Shrimp I had in my fuge lasted pretty long until I caught a massive spike in my 54 Bow system. Kinda neat though the females were actually carrying eggs during the 3-4 months they were in my fuge.
they are usually 15-20 around here, but they are so worth the money. have one in my 20L and it has the best personality. swims around all day and always come to clean my hand when i stick it in the tank.
they are about $20-$25 around here. I just bought a giant one today for $22, he's to big for my lion to eat.........for a few months anyways :D I got him to help control ich.