glue for underwater use?


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I need a glue that can be used directly underwater.
A soft putty type maybe? but i cant find any

You see i cant move any of my lower rocks because basically they hold up the whole tank lol
Im getting a few frags and id like to glue them directly to my live rock under water, i need something soft because i dont want to apply too much pressure in fear of an avalanche (tank is bare bottom and slippery)

any suggestions? something i can buy at lowes or home depot maybe?
I read super glue has to be used out of water..


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Superglue-must be the Gel form, not the liquid.

I use "Holdfast" epoxy putty and a dap of superglue gel. Works like a charm.


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If the rock in your tank is really that unstable, i suggest buying some of that rock putty stuff that is made for live rock, because any snail even can scoot a rock an inch or two, and if a rock falls on your glass, you're screwed.