goin' old school


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well after some thinking im going to do an old school tank. i cut the overflow out of my aga megaflow tank, and will use the two holes as intake and return for a canister filter (rena filstar xp3). im going to use a big air pump and have a 6 inch air stone under the CRUSHED CORAL. im also buying some huge coral skeletons off another member. the back of the tank will be painted lightish blue, and the tank will be lit by a 2 bulb NO flourescent fixture (one actinic, one 50/50 bulb). and o ya, no RODI, ill save that for my prop tank.

right about now everyones probably asking "so what skimmer you running?" "why the hell did you cut the overflow out and opt for no sump"? well the answer is simple. im not anti-sump or skimmer (i had this tank successfuly setup with a sump and asm skimmer) but i want to try something different. i know it can be done with plenty of water changes and lots of carbon. the real reason i did this is just because ive always liked the look of those old school tanks with minimal filtration, so i figured id give it a shot.wish me luck lol

ill get some pictures up as soon as i can get ahold of my girlfriends camera, but so far there's not much to see except for the cut out overflow box.
Sounds awesome, you must have seen that guy with the 35 year old reef's post. The lfs in Springfield, Illinois has a 7" yellow tang and a 17" lion in a tank with crushed coral plastic plants a ug filter airstones and fake coral skeletons all in a 90 gallon.
I've run "old school" tanks and there's nothing fun about them. They always took a lot of work and the fish never showed as well (color or behavior wise) as newer LR based systems. Disease was always a threat. and it was a pain to pull the coral skeletons every few weeks to clean the slim alagae off them.

While these tanks were cheap to setup (LR is big bucks) there were, IMO, extremely ugly.