Good Reliable Test Kits - What Are You Using

hmm... 3 seperate salifert test kits would cost double what that cost, so I am just wondering if anyone uses it with success.
I have used those red sea tests before and they are a pain. Go ahead and get the salifert because they're the most reliable.
I tried the red sea ones. I went back to salifert. They are a bit more expensive. But they last quite a while testing once a week or once every other week. The trouble I had with the red sea ones is that they have tiny bottles and test such small amounts of water that really hard to get a good result. That might of been just the kit i got from them. I really like the salifert kits. Pretty easy to use and made for someone without tiny hands.
I would also say go with Salifert, it's definately worth the price in the long run....easy to use accurate kits....