Got my Octo today!!!


I ordered a boatload from fish supply. In it was a small Octo. Everything arrived alive and the Octo didn't ink. I have to say, out of 15 years in the Aquarium hobby with reefs and everything it is the coolest thing I have gotten. I only saw him through the acclimation and 5 minutes of him being in the tank, but he is just awesome!
There is a troublesome hermit in there from my reef to keep him company for as long as he lasts. I'll probably just leave him alone for the rest of the day and get some pics when I get a chance. On a side note I also got a powder blue tank and a yellow sebae anenome for my reef. I have also never had either of these, and they are just beautiful. They are healthy, hats off to

P.S. Should I try feeding him tonight?
Octo update...

Octo update...

Well, after about 20 minutes my Octo had enough hiding and decided to come out. I'm not so sure he is a Bimac from his coloring, but maybe it will come in time. If anyone can help me with this identification I would appreciate it.
I'm going to try and attach a pic...
Have you tried looking for the ocelli by any chance?
Even if its not a bimac, it sure is cute. This is from fishsupply though and chris swears by that company. I guess it prolly is one. Good luck man. Your an inspiration to me. I was looking for a picture of a fishsupply octo =D. Thanks a bunch and good luck.
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Well there one thing I am pretty sure about, thats not a bimaculoides. I am not quite sure what it is,but it is very cool looking. It would be great if you could post some more pictures. Is this guy day active or nocturnal? Dose this species burry itself in your sand? Do you notice a white spot pattern on it from time to time?I think your lucky to get something really neat like that. Keep us posted.
That is a cool looking octo. Do fishsupply always catch octos from the same area? Or do they import from all over?

It looks quite big in the pic, what sort of body size and arm length is it?



After spending some time with the Octo last night, I realized just how intelligent he is. It also seems as though unlike the Bimac, my squirmy little friend is going to be trying a breakout at some point. He is not afraid of much and comes out a lot now. I took some more pics last night, but my net connection was down at home. The new pics show the extreem variation in color he is capable of, AMAZING. He does seem to burrow, and seemed as though he was out part of the night. My only concern is that he has still not eaten. I have a blue leg hermit in there now, tried silversides last night, along with a common gold dice. Today I will try shrimp, scallops, and throw a snail in there.
Can anyone think of anything else to try?
Curled up he is only about the size of my fist, but his tentacles reach about 6 inches.
Lastly, and this is cool, in the pic of him on here there is a heater suction cupped to the glass. Last night I saw him fit in between the heater and the tank...there can't even be a half inch between the two but he fit through no problem.
Sorry for such a long post but I have one more anatomy question.
His head seems to be used as a water chamber to force air through gills? Almost like a piston. Is this true?
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I think that trial and error will figure out the octo's diet, from experience mine have usually had something in the first couple of days.

I think crustaceans like crabs are the total favourite, try that first.

Yeah the whole mantle will move to pump water through the gills, make sure that there is plenty surface agitation in your tank to accomodate the O2 demands.

any pics to post yet?
Some times your best bet is to get fiddler crabs or crayfish and drop them in the tank in the evening. They will live in the salt water for a day or two and most octopuses can not turn down fresh live food.


Thanks for all your help on here. This board has been invaluable to myself and the many others who frequent it looking for experiences. I got a Crayfish yesterday and will try feeding him tonight. I have had a hermit crab in there from day one though that he has not touched. I wonder if they're buddies by now...
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P.S. Last night, he did the whole swim thing for a while where he flaired his arms and then brought them together to propel forward. Talk about cool....
Just on the subject of feeding....... I have noticed that slices of raw squid are quite eagerly taken too. In all honesty that is probably the cheapest source of food I have found too. About Ã"šÃ‚£3.00 per kilo.

I have had one species of octo that never bothered hermits, not true of this little guy I have just now though! He is gradually munching his/her way through one per day!


PS MORE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
A recommendation for you, take the heater out. The octopus will learn its lesson, but it will be a painful one when it grabs the heater when it's burning hot.

I would feed it live food. Last time I had an octopus, I fed it fiddler crabs that I got in bulk for $1.00 each. There's a few sites on the web that sell various feeder shrimp and crabs if you need them. E-mail me if you want the sites.
I have never used a heater in most of my octo set ups but my current tropical species requiers one. I have never seen the heater to be a problem in any way.
If you have links on food sources feel free to post them. I find ordering from a crayfish farm is the cheapest way to go for live food. Squid and thawed frozen shrimp has works as well.
I dont think a heater will hurt an octo. Well, maybe if you have a very large volume of water and the heater gets really hot to keep it at the right temp... I watched my octo crawl on my heater a few times, she was just fine.

I too would like some links for webpages that sell feeder food. Now that I got a sump I have a place to store live food where the octo cant get at it. Well, a future octo. my mother octo doesnt eat anymore.