green hair algea?


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Emrald crabs and Mexican Turbo Snails will do the trick. When my tank was first set up, the addition of a few of these had my tank clenaed up in no time. The crabs and snails will clean up the algae, but you need to determine why you have it in the first place.
How old is the tank?
What type of water are youi using?

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I feel your pain moongoddess. I am suffering from about of it as well. Fox Face, algae blennies yellow tang nothing is working I also have changed the lighting and done water changes. I am getting ready to hit with a chemical I will keep you informed of the results


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Try a phosphate remover. Then maybe some carbon. You might try scrubing the rocks with a stiff bristle toothbrush. If you cant take out the rocks, scrub in the tank and siphon out the scrubbed off stuff.


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I had a huge hair algea problem in a small tank that I was overfeeding (i know but my niece loved watching "nemo" and the brittle star come out)

any way tried some margarite snails (sp?) and was amazed at how well they cleaned the tank up - they zeroed in on the hair algea alot more than my turbos ever did

just my 2 cents - hope it helps



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Ive had that problem and I got a foxface and he mowed down the LARGE infestation of algea I had in about a week!!! Now some fox's will and some will not, its worth a shot the least that will happen will be having a new cool fish!!!Actually now that I think of it my 2 tangs also ate alot of it as well...thats my .2cents :)


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lol. it'd be kind of hard to not feed your animals phosphate. they are made up of phosphate and they need it to make ATP. you must have meant nitrogen.

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My 240 Gal. was covered in it I tried everything snails fish crabs SAT I added a refuge. Filled it with macro algae all hair algae gone in a few weeks.