hairy mushroom missing a piece - pic


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I have a hairy mushrrom in my 125g. It is under 2-250w MH and 4-t5's. It is placed in the middle of the tank in a slightly shaded area. It has been there for close to a month and growing a lot. Last night I went downstairs to feed and it looked like someone took a bite out of it!! What do you think happened?? Could it have anything to do with the leather above it?

salinity = 1.025
ph = 8.1
temp = 80
dkh = 11
NO3 = 15 (I am working on this currently)
calcium = 420
mg = 1250




LOL nothing is wrong it is simply splitting. That little piece off at the top is going to completely seperate from big piece to be its own mushroom. When they split they dont always do it exactly through the middle. That is what yours is doing just give it sometime. Hope this helps


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Thanks for the reply! I didn't know what was happening to the thing. I was so upset because everyone said mushrooms were good beginners and here I am killing mine!! :) Glad to hear it's going to be ok!!


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Sometimes mushrooms will tear apart if their base is covering a large area maybe on like a crack between 2 rocks. I've torn many mushrooms like this and out of the deal I've gotten all the torn mushrooms peices to develop into a mushroom again in just a couple weeks.


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My mushroom has not split yet. It has however changed shape. It use to be more circular and now it is more of an oval. It still looks healthy so I guess its ok!


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its splitting. mine do this all the time the same way. they also split alot. i started with 3 about 7 month ago and now have 6.