Having some issues


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I have a 50G saltwater fish tank with a margarita snail, 2 dwarf hermits, a thinstrip hermit, 2 ocellaris clownfish, and 2 assorted damsels. Also I have found that I have a few tiny spirorbid worms but everything I've read says they're harmless. I had an anemone, but my mistake was not reading more into the care of anemones and unfortunately it passed. I moved it to a different fish tank (10G) when I noticed it looked sickly where it passed shortly thereafter. Some of my fish are exhibiting behavior that worries me a little though in the 50G. I noticed my clowns rubbing against a fake plant a lot last night and I thought it was just a dominance thing at first. However, something is going on because my snail tucked in and wasn't sticking until I put it on my piece of liverock (I got scared and thought it was dead for a minute there but he turned out to be fine.) Since I am still a novice at this I dont want to keep making detrimental mistakes. I also noticed the water smells a little stale? Theres not a sulfur or anything like an ammonia smell or any cloudiness in the water. I'm planning on getting some ammonia test strips immediately today. I have a rug under my tank stand that has had a couple spills, I thought maybe a mold problem? I'm not sure how this would affect the tank directly especially since I haven't seen anything. I have a fluval canister filter if that is of importance and an air pump to help circulate water. pH is at about 8.0, nitrates and nitrites are 0. Is there really something off or am I just overthinking everything. I dont want to wake up one morning and they all be dead. The anemone was my first big mistake, but everything else has been alright and I've read up on my species. Please help.

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