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I have a longnose hawkfish and was considering getting a cleaner shrimp. I want to see if anyone else has experience with this. While I can't see how a longnose could physically *eat* a cleaner shrimp, I know they like inverts and was wondering if I should worry about a longnose pestering or otherwise killing a cleaner shrimp.


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I can tell you that the Hawk's jaws are pretty big compared to the size of the fish. My cleaner disappeared about a month after I got him and he was nearly as big as the hawk. He either went due to natural causes, the pistol, or the hawk... There one day, gone the next.


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I wouldn't do it... I had a shrimp that was in the tank before I put in the longnose hawk and they were fine for a while but it didn't end good. Since the hawk is in first I'd say it's even more a no IMO/IME...