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I don't like heaters in tanks but if it's unavoidable get it in an area with good flow. Close to a powerhead is your best bet.


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If you don't have the luxury of a sump, then place it on the back glass as close to the middle of the tank as you can.


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sump is the best place you want it in high flow area to keep a constant temp with out cold spots


In my 10G I have a titanium tube heater right below the tube intake into my HOB filter/refugium (it was too big to fit in the HOB). That way the "heated" water rises into/gets pulled into the intake and gets dispersed throughout the tank.

In my 20G, the heater tubes are in the refugium.


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Since it doesn't sound like you have a sump, behind your rock so it is hidden. You want your rock set away from your glass anyway for flow. Just make sure you have good flow on the heater.