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I haven't visited the site in a while, but still interested in the hobby and looking for advice. I would still like to set-up a small (Nano) aquarium when I get back from Korea. I was thinking maybe a 29 gallon, but still unsure what lighting to run and what type of filter/protein skimmer. All I want in it is a pair of clowns, an anemone, and some cleaner shrimp. I had real good luck with my green haddon's carpet and my pair of saddleback clowns, but I was also thinking of maybe a pair of Percs/Oscellaris and a BTA. I know I am dealing with limited space, so anemone's are a tough choice. I like Tomatoes, Cinammons and Skunk clowns too, so I am very flexible with those choices. I initially thought of using one 150watt MH, maybe a 14000k, but I have also heard some good things about using 6500k MHs. Then I was drawn back to T-5s, probably due to the cheaper initial expense, electric bill, and amount of heat. Again I thought about using a 10, 12, 14k and actinic combination, or just running four 6k bulbs. Please offer me some advise to get me on the right path.


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That is a pretty nice Nano bundle. I only plan on keeping one anemone and a pair of clowns, maybe a few shrimp. I know most people go with the 14k MH, or a 4 bulb combo of T-5s (10k, 12k, 14k and actinic). What is the advantage of this, will a single 150watt 6500k MH not support an anemone?


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The Halide will support the anemone. I think the PC setup in the RedSea nano should also. Retrofit?

In any case, your plans sound fine. The only reason I recommended tha RedSeas tank is because I have seen them in person and was impressed :)

Both T5s and Mh put out about the same amount of radiated/convected heat. The MH may put a bit more into the tank, but that really depends on how you have the hood vented more than the type of bulb. Of course of you use 80W or so of T5 compared to 150W of MH, then the MH will certainly impart more heat into the water.

am3gross... thank you for your service.