Hello today I noticed small jelly like things floating around in my tank, they look l

lost1st manty:(

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like they could be dino's but my fish are all fine, I have a slime problem with black brown and red algea that it may be from , or from the broken down romaine like lettuce from feeding my omnivores, so i am not sure if I should be worried or not, i am mclosely monitoring the situation andprepared to act fast if necessary, i hope these are not dino's that i have heard such horror stories about :mad2: thanks as i am a newbie only 6 months into hobby:rollface:
Best to get their diet in order. This post will give some recommendations in that area:

Stop feeding lettuce. Not the best food for continual feeding, but can be used a couple times of month. Stick to marine algae.

With all those undesirable elements in your tank, your tank is obviously not settled down yet. It needs time to age. Don't add anything to your tank but some cleanup crew (which you'll routinely feed) and let the tank age a few months. Tanks go through phases like you describe and the best approach is to wait it out and let things settle.

After a few months, if these things are still present, then you are not providing a good environment for fishes. You need to measure and remove phosphates, silica, and potentially large quantities of proteins from the water.

In the meantime, you can help overcome some of the undesirables by removing their foods and putting in things (like into a refugium) macro algae plants that compete with them by absorbing nutrients they like. Throw away the mature plants as a means to export those undesirable water ingredients.