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Hi everyone,

I am new to Reef Central, and started my first reef tank about a month ago. I've had tanks my whole life, I grew up in South Florida and my dad used to go diving and catch the fish for our tank. Ever since then, I've loved aquariums. :love2: I've kept everything from fresh water, FO, FOWLR, Sea Horses, African Cichlids, etc. My current tank is my first go at a reef tank and I love it! However, it is absolutely exhausting learning everything from lighting to Magnesium levels. :spin1: I'm glad to have found one place with so much information!



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yeah,this place is great! i never knew there was so much to learn:) feel free to ask as many questions as you want!
let's see some pics of your tanks!
they sound nice!


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The only tank I have right now is a 46gal bowfront reef tank. My tank is actually pretty sad compared to some of the other tanks I've seen on here. I think I would be embarrassed to post pictures of my tank! Most of my coral are just little frags and you can still see some of the discs they are attached to. Maybe tomorrow when the tank is awake, I'll take some and see if anyone has recommendations to make it look better.


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HELLO! nice to see another new member! dont be embarrased about your tank! I only had one rock in my tank when i posted my first pic lol!!