Help air pump maybe harming sps


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Hi guys I need your help. For the last few weeks I have had all my sps withdraw brown out and dye. 4 weeks ago I introduced nitra guard titanium with a air pump and air stone (bomb method). Within 5-6 days my nitrates reduced from 25ppm down to 0.

As of right now I have hugely reduced the amount of nitra guard to a mere handful and now my nitrates between 3-5ppm.

Redsea reefer 450
Po4 = 0.03
No3 = 3-5
Ph = 8
ALK 7.7
Cal = 500
Mag = 1500+

Gravity = 35

Using salifert tests. Everything is always steady and consistent

So tonight got me thinking. I've been keeping the air pump running the air line in a cabinet.

Is there any chance since using this pump in cabinet and not in the open air it has poisoned or cantaminated the aquarium?

At first I thought it was the quick NO3 drop. So today more corals arrived, after 6 hours with PE they have already withdrawn.

What's going on. I did a 150l water change on Sunday