HELP Anemone attack on My Clown HELP


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First of all I would like to appologize for posting this topic here. However, this is an emergency. I leave for vacation in 8 hours. I need advice ASAP.

I have a carpet anemone and a nemo clown. My nemo was in the anemone and I started cleaning my glass with the magnet. my carpet anemone closed up on my clown. after 5 seconds my clown ripped out of the anemone with ripped off tenticals and white marks(im guessing stings) all over him. Is this lethal????? What can I do?? can the clown come back from this?

I would think this is common considering clowns live in anemones.


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i ordered an elephants ear (same family as the carpet anemone) off the internet but realzed wen i bought it, it was bad, they actually attract clownfish crabs shrimps ect. on them and close up around them to eat them if u cant get rid on him b4 u leave seclude it in a net thats wat i did then i sold it to som1 but dont leave it in there or ull lose alot of things inm ur tank.

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Clowns aren't supposed to be eaten or stung by their anemones. That's why they live in them. It's not completely known how, but the most likely theory is that clowns secrete mucus that protects them from the anemone. If this stinging was common, why would clowns live in anemones?:confused:

What exactly do you call a "nemo" clown?

What lighting do you have on your tank and how tall is your tank? Do you feed your anemone? Maybe the anemone is starving and is forced to eat the clown.


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NEMO---ocellaris clown

I feed my anemone krill....every other day

I think It was me moving the magnet across the glass that startled it. This clown is new. the anemone hasnt had a clown yet.

The sting marks or dead ripped off tenticals or what ever they are still on him.

Is this fatal?????


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Not that I have seen, though it can be very rough on the clown, especially if it is new. If the clownfish scrapes its slime coating, it can also make them more likely to be stung. Just keep an eye out for it, but it should pull through.