Help finding parts


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I just got a 180 and it is not predrilled but i am goign to drill i tbefore i set it up. I am looking for a place to get the overflow covers for a predrilled tank.

I would make them myself but the ones in the Reef Ready tanks look so clean.
There has to be a place to find replacements. What is someone damaged theirs.

Please help!


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There is that will make overflow boxes, but I would highly suggest building a long not deep box so you have good surface skimming and it does not take up to much tank space, and I'm not sure if glass-holes does that. Plus with longer califo style overflow, you can put in multiple drains and run one in a full siphon mode with a valve and the second one with an external durso to keep the tank as quit as possible.



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Right now it is only drilled in one corner and i was planning on drilling the other corener plus putting a secon hole in the both corners for the returns. That way i get skimming on the both sides and return flow on both sides pls a closed loop in the middle.

Thanks for the site i will surely check them out.