help me fix a leak


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i had to change my return pump because the one i was running a snail got into and completely ripped apart the impeller. so that pump was not pushing any water so i had to get another one. somehow the bulkhead fitting on the sump that leads to the pump (the flow into the pump from the sump) is leaking. i tried to tighten it but it is not possible because of the water in the sump. i cant take out the water in the sump either so that is not really an option. i thought that if i gooped enough silicone on there that it would seal up itself but the little drip of water keeps finding its way through the silicone. what should i do?
I don't know either. I've got the same problem and its driving me mad. I've loaded it up with silicone but its leaking. I'm working on xtrstangx's idea. Drain it and see if I can stop it.
I have battled this one too. Bulkheads will leak if they are too tight, as well as too loose. Overtightening warps the seals, allowing water to get through. However, the procedure I use on my bulkheads, such as when plumbing a sump, is to apply aquarium-safe silicone to the inside seal and leave the outside seal "dry". It's probably worth your while to drain the sump and get a good seal.
You can get it from home depot.Is it the seal that leaks or is it a crack in the unit.The epoxy will work even when wet but its permanent it will harden like a rock.If its the seal in the overflow you can fix it by replaceing the o-rings.Don't overtighten them this will cause them to leak.You can use silocone but you have to let it dry.Silicone doesn't dry that easy when wet.Also don't goop it on either because if you over due it it makes it hard for the silicone to dry.