Help me pick a coral


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As the title says - I think ( for now ) I only want to get one or two more pieces and put the wallet away.
Attached is a pic(s) of my Biocube
Lighting is 2x Panorama Pro ( one blue/violet , one 8k ) - 2 stunners.
I feel like the top left corner is a bit bare, and so is the right front of the sand.
In the sand I was thinking a clam or some kind of brain? - I dont know many of the names yet, still learning.
Suggestions would be great.
Oh - also, my first piece I bought - I think it's a Toadstool Leather? Looks like it's splitting... or...? Just let it be?
Thanks in advance!




I would warn against having GSP on your main rock work. Its going to start growing rapidly and will completely overwhelm your entire rockscape, killing any corals that are in the way. I would move a ice piece of it onto is own separate rock on the sandbed and superglue over any that you cant peel off. Don't get me wrong i like neon gsp and have a whole wall of my tank covered in it but its pretty evasive even on the glass.


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+1 remove the gsp, as far as your sand bed a fungia plate would be nice, and the top of your rock work would be a good place for a birdsnest, probablly the easiest sps to grow...


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Moved it off of the main piece, focusing it on the bottom left piece which I can separate if it gets out of control, as well as a piece in the back. I think I'd like to add another rock with some more zoos and a piece of Duncan which looks nice.