Help me pick my next fish...


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Hey folks,

I'm looking to round out my stock of fish. I believe I have room for at least one more, even once they reach mature size (if you think that is not the case, please speak up.) There's a thread with pics here, but if you questions on the setup, please ask.

My tank is a standard 125g mixed (soft/lps) reef, 40 gallon sump, skimmer, 640w vho lighting, 2-3" sugar-fine aragonite sand.

Currently, my fish: 1 yellow tang, 1 hippo tang, 1 foxface, 2 maroon clowns, 2 labouti wrasee, 1 royal gramma.

Inverts: 2 skunk cleaner shrimp, 1 haitian pink tip anemone (condy), 20ish zebra hermits, assorted snails, mostly of the smaller variety (ceriths, IPSF "strombus" both breeding like mad!), tiger tail cuke.

Corals: xenia, anthelia, toadstool, fiji leather, spaghetti leather, assorted shrooms (no fish eating ones! :lol: ), zoos, torch, candy cane, scolymia, fungia.

I had started researching hawkfish (specifically the flame hawkfish), but didn't feel it was worth the risk of losing all my shrimp/crabs/snails.

Now I'm thinking maybe a mandarin, if I can find one already eating prepared foods.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Maynard :D