Fish suggestion


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I have an 85 gal tank with some soft corls, LPS, a big bubble tip anenome, 2 shrimp and some snails. My fish are a mimic tang , a foxface, 4 pj cardinals, 1 benggai cardinal, and 2 clown fish. All get along well. They have been the same group for about a year, except I lost 1 benggai. Would like to add another fish, something striking and colorful, but that would get along with the others....unless i dont have room. Any suggestions?
Thanks that does look like a good suggestion. I've never added a fish on my own. My tank was initially started by a LFS that is out of business. I will have to start a quarantine tank I guess. I won't probably add much but wanted another fish and will prob want more corals or snails or something at some point. What would be the minimal set up I could get away with? Is it something you can set up temporarily and dismantle in between? I'm new to the hobby obviously!