Help setting up Aquacontroller JR


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I just purchased an aquacontroller JR with serial port to connect to my pc. However I cannot seem to make a connection to it using Aquanotes Lite or the ACSerial2Web software. When I open acs2w it says serial port successfully initialized, initializing chart data from controller log, this can take around 30 seconds.... but it never finishes. It just sits there and does nothing. I unplugged it from my PC and then opened acs2w and it skips that step quickly giving an error like cannot send commmand to controller if not conencted. So therefore I know it is seeing my controller when it is plugged in, but it is not reading it correctly I guess? Anyone have ideas? If I open acs2w with it unplugged, log into the website, then plug it in and test the serial ports on the setup page, nothing happens there either. Please help!

Ron Popeil

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first, congratulations on your ACjr! one of the best purchases i ever made for my system.

unfortunately, i was pretty illiterate with setting it up, but found a very active community of very generous and patient people in the Neptune Sponsor Forum, here on RC. check it out!