Help with monti!!!


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Our red monti is starting to lose its skin in the middle of it, we haven't not seen and nudibranches in our tank yet, it started to lose its skin about 2 weeks ago and looks like its only going to get worse. anybody ever have this problem or does anyone have any ideas of what we should do to correct the problem?

Heres a couple pics.....

The spot with lost skin in the middle, it started out white (skeleton but now seems to have a green algae forming on it)

Underneath the coral theres a green hard algae growing, also there were a few bubbles trapped as you can see (could the bubbles have caused this? and is the green film normal underneath these corals?)

Thanks for your help everyone!
Trapped air bubbles under plating corals can cause problems similar to what you are experiencing. The dead parts underneath and algae on the bottom is nothing to worry about, that's totally normal.

I would keep an eye on the coral and watch for pestering fish nipping it and of course for nudis. If algae begins to grow in the dead spot try to keep it clean by lightly basting it off.

The little patch can be from so many things it's hard for us to give you a solid answer really. Many times have I had corals just develop odd blotches of color or areas that look dead; but usually if the coral is healthy enough and your tank is all good then more times then not the coral will fully recover on it's own. Good luck.
Thanks for the help!

our ALK usually stays at 9, our calcium reactor shut got air locked hte otehr night forcing ti to stop and therfore the ALK dropped to about 8. but the problem with this monti started a week and a half ago before this happened. temp stays at 80 most of the day but slightly increases during the last few hours of the day to 83.
just keep checking for Nudi's...also, could have been a temp swing or alk swing, you can't rule those out, just keep an eye on it and see if it get's worse or stays the same but regardless keep us updated...also, wouldn't hurt to try and post a few more pictures
i'll get some more pics on asap. when we first got the monti it was brownish red colour kind of like the pics above, now its more of a bright red (almost a glowing red during day and night) can't really pic it up with our camera though.

we're wondering if this had something to do with it, it was originally under 150w MH about 10" under water, now its under 6x84W T5's in our tank and about 8" under water. could this lighting change have anyhting at all to do with it?
heres a FTS for now to show position of the monti and powerhead placement...

I'll get a few more shots of the monti up soon