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My tank is leaking water!!!!!

What should I do? It's not huge but it's leaking about a drop every 3 seconds.

I have a couple of fish in just began this morning :S


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Where is it leaking from? Can you drain enough water to repair? If so, they have aquarium safe silicone, I think its called GE Silicone I or II? The window stuff, not the kitchen stuff.


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It's actually leaking from the front, bottom, right in the middle.

I'm not sure how to go about doing this but I've managed to contact a couple of friends who will babysit my fish while I get everything repaired.

I'm not sure what to do about my LR or my LS....I guess I could work around it, right?

Thank for the reply =)


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No, you wont be able to work around your LR and LS. If you are going to re-seal the tank with silicone you will need to seal it from the inside.


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Are you 100% sure it's actually leaking from that spot? I've had one leak in a corner but the water traveled the lower trim pieces until it dropped from the tank right about that same spot. FYI.

YOu can get a rubbermaid tub or two from walmart and use them to house your liverock and sand for the meantime. I'd let it settle a week or so before you reclaimed the livestock though, just to ensure no ammonia spikes will be present

The silicone to use is GE I not II. And you'll want to read the label to make sure anyways, I believe I read somewhere that GE changed the "mixture" or whatever and it made the GE I stuff no longer applicable for this use, but I may be wrong or thinking of a different brand. LFS carry aquarium silicone as well. Basically you want 100% silicone and no anti-mildew crap in there.


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Hmmm....I'll have to check about the position of the leak again.

I'll go ahead and just reseal the whole bottom of the tank just to make sure.

Thanks for heads up and the idea of working around the sand and LR pretty much went down the drain once I thought about it. =P

Thanks =)


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You should try and remove the old sealant too if you can and seal the entire length of the front seam, not just where you think it leaking.