Hippopus clam


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Liveaqauria has several of these listed. First time I ever saw that type. Anybody know anything about them ?


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I personally do not care for them because I do not think they are as pretty as the other clams. They do not have the colors nor does their mantel extend past it shell. They have similar care just like any other tridacna clams. The need an established tank 6+ month stable, low to moderate water flow, bright light, calcium, alk, mag to grown. If your a newbie I'd stay away from clams for a while.


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I saw a really cool one at a LFS, wanted in but got some ORA sps instead. If it is still there I will get it. They have the same care as other clams and can take less light as they are found in deeper water.


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Where did u hear they require less light? Everything ive read says they require more light than maximas and are found in shallow waters and reef flats


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Eh, I like em and I plan to get one.

Sure they aren't as colorful, but they are significantly more rare, plus they look like the traditional giant clam like you would see in movies like the little mermaid, which is why my daughter wants one.


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If you can tackle their high light requirements Hippopus can be a very hardy clam though because of the way its byssal gate is designed it is not very susceptible to predators