Hippopus Questions


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Considering that H. hippopus does not have a mantle that overhangs its shell, is it safe to say that it has a smaller mantle volume than similarly sized tridacnids? If so, does it have a similar density of zooxanthellae in its mantle relative to other tridacnids? If H. hippopus does have less zooxanthellae, would this make this clam more reliant on filtered particulate matter, namely phytoplankton?
Thats an interesting question. I have a hip and dose it 2or3x a week with DT's. It has been an outstanding addition to our tank. Its a little different looking from the other clams but its hardy and a good grower.

After thinking about it some more, I started thinking about derasas. T. derasa is considered a lower light demanding clam, at least relative to T. maxima and T. crocea. Derasas are from very clean water with little particulate matter as I understand it, so this could suggest that the lower light demand is not offset by an increase in demand for particulate matter.