HOB Filter in sump?


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I recently lost my skimmer, not sure if it is the pump or what. While I'm looking for a replacement, can I run a basic freshwater HOB filter w/ carbon in the sump? I am having a little algae issue.


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Yes you can. If you have used it for freshwater previously, give it a good cleaning and use new media. I know of quit a few people who use a power filter. They kind of get a bad name because if you don't clean them regularly, they become nitrate factories. But as long as you change the media regularly and keep it cleaned up, it should be fine.

As for it helping with your algae issue, a filter may not help you. If you have an algae problem, that means you either have a nitrate issue and/or a phosphate issue. Do you "farm" algae in you sump anywhere (like in a fuge)?