How Dangerous Is This?


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I need some solid advice here. I built my sump (3'x18") for my display (4'x2') and I'm having trouble getting the sump into the stand. The only way this sump is going in is to either:

A. Knock out a piece of the wall behind the stand to give the sump more room to swing around.

B. Knock out a large hole in the wall behind the stand and run all of my plumbing to the other side of the wall and relocate my sump there.

C. Knock out the center brace of the stand while the display tank is full, put the sump in, then replace the brace... as quickly as possible.

I'm leaning toward option C, but I'm not sure if this piece is structural, or simply in place for the doors to rest against. If it's just there for the doors, great. If it's structural, I'm thinking about using a 3.5 ton floor jack with a 2x4 to support the tank while I install the sump.

I would like to plumb the tank this afternoon. If someone knows definitively about this piece of wood, please speak up.






Don't ask me, I'm wrong.
I did this for a 55 gallon that looked identical and it was no problem I would say your safe.


The weight is on the four corners... It doesn't even look like there is a center brace in back. I assume this stand has two doors and the center piece is to cover the gap "cosmetic". If it breaks the tank its your luck not the stand :lol:


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i had to remove the one from your old stand mike just work quick lol.... most of the weight should be on the corners if i remember correctly. try using a 2x4 to help hold it while you remove that center


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if it's a viable option for you, having the sump in another room is nice... it's quieter and easier to access...
unless it's the tiny area under your stairs... where there is no air movement... and you stupidly put your sump in there and then get mold...
but hey! only a stupid person would do that....



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I'm glad this worked out, I would hate to have to admit that I didn't check to see if the sump fit before I baffled and drilled it. :lol:


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Mike I would add a baffle on the left and right. Too reduce micro bubbles.

More baffles is always better. And its easier to add them now before you add water to it.