How do I feed my hammer coral?


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I only see hammer looking things coming out of it. I don't see any other tentacles that people have talked about.

Where do I squirt the food to feed him?


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this is how i feed most of my corals unless they have seperate mouths. i take a small cup with tank water mix my solutions in itand turn off protien skimmer.add a little bit in each corner where the powerheads are


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I feed mine frozen mysis with a turkey baster. Make sure you turn off all of the pumps while feeding because it takes it a few minutes for them to eat. Mine is always happy after eating.


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I know where the mouth is...but where do I squirt the food with my turkey baster?

On the hammer polyps themselves? Or something else? I've heard stories of tentacles coming out, but I've never seen any.


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Just direct a small amount of prepared food over the whole head- don't try to get it in the mouth. You might have to try a few food items before you get one that it really likes- mine really like mysis. As I squirt over it small pieces seem to stick to the 'hammers." Definetly turn off power heads and I usually dim all lights but actinics to keep pesky fish from trying to steal!
It takes them a little time but they do eat! A lot of people don't feed theirs at all and still keep them alive, but it is my opinion that evolution would never have given them a mouth that large if it weren't beneficial for them to eat with it!
Good luck, it's really cool to watch them eat.