how do you clean your socks..


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i having trouble cleaning my sock now that its full....what do you do...dip it in bleach....thanks david


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Turn it inside out, toss it in the washer with a cup of bleach. Let it go through the cycle. Wash it one more time, with just water. No bleach and definitely no soap.


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I use a 5 gallon bucket and Oxy clean as it is oxygen powered as opposed to bleach. Rinses clean. Just use hot water, add 2 scoops Oxi, turn socks inside out, put into bucket and use a piece of dowel to agitate the socks, let soak...agitate, let soak, agitate, rinse well and let dry. I keep 9 socks so I can clean a whole bunch at one time and not have to do this every other day.