How do you keep your tanks cool?


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Do you guys use chillers to keep the temps down around 72 degrees? Does anyone run their tank warmer?

I'd like a bimac but I'm concerned about my tank's temperature. I'd have to remove my VHO lights to keep it cooler, and possibly buy a chiller.

I'd use a 55 gallon tank, any suggestions?
I use a fan blowing over the top of my tank. Evap cooling works good. A chiller is nice if you can afford one.
I just saw the prices of chillers. Ouch! I doubt I'll be able to afford one.

I might use the fan idea, but put it on the sump so the octo cannot get out or get hurt with the fan.

I keep my house at 76 degrees in the summer, and 68 in the winter. Does anyone think this will be a problem?
A question a long the same lines....

Is there a recommended "wattage per gallon" rating for ceph's, or is it whatever keeps your tank cool?