How do you setup cable & Tunzes for variable speed


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I have Tunze 6105 and the SURFCAB2 2 channel Stream Cable but can't figure out how to physically connect the 6015 to the cable. The round plugs fit into the female fitting attached to the powerhead cable but it falls right out. This can't be right but I don't see any other possible way these could connect. I'm presuming the VS 1/2 outlet on the controller is what the other (phone style) plug fits into.
Unfortunately I could not find any info or diagrams in either manual.


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ImageUploadedByTapatalk1347276067.152539.jpgsee that little hole in the black plastic casing?
This ones already pulled back, but there will be a metal tab that pops up through this hole to hold the casing in place. One hand on the metal, one hand on the case, and one hand on the metal tab. Haha. No but if you hold the case and get a small flathead, or a fork or anything to fit in that hole and to pry it out away from the casing/cable. Another words, you're trying to pull the metal plug 'off' the wire so to speak. It won't take much effort. Or at least it shouldn't. Don't squeeze the metal plug to tight or it will bend it.

Hope this helps.