How is everyone doing?

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Greeting former Wine Country Reefers members and lurkers.

With all the current challenges - pandemic, fires, drought, heat - how are tanks doing? Has being locked down helped or hurt your reefing?

My 60 continues on generally well. Things are growing. I did lose a stylo to my purple torch. Snails pushed the frag racks around on the bare bottom "just right" so the torch was able to HAMMER its neighbor, and the stylo rtn'd instead of recovered. I continue to enjoy my toxic green octospawn, bicolor frogspawn, splatter and bicolor hammers and of course, despite its aggression, my purple torch.

I am pleased to report aiptasia are almost gone. :) Berghia are doing their job. It is a bit different this time though, as it seems the berghia didn't build up to enormous numbers as they have before. I would often just see one or two in the early morning and the aiptasia disappeared more gradually. While my fish population is low, hermits and bristleworms are sufficiently abundant that I think their predation on berghia eggs is impactful.

Some valonia came in on a frag and it's doing a good job trying to get hold, growing in between frag rack cells where they're hard to see and a pain to remove. Going to soak racks in hydrogen peroxide and see if that doesn't clear that up tout de suite.

How is your tank doing?


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Stepped away almost two years ago as I broke my tank down cause I knew I'd be buying a house. With that horrible process done and out of the way, I'm looking to get back into things. Haven't finalized anything yet but looking for a clean pre fabbed tank setup with sump/stand etc in the 100-150 range most likely.

Currently have an Instagram at salty_box_reef I've posted some old images on if anyone wants to follow.

I've popped into here and the LFS a handful of times in the last couple years and it's really quite disheartening. Over covid the reef hobby has grown significantly yet the local shops and scene has deteriorated pretty badly imo. As has this forum. RtooR and FB groups have basically killed this place it seems.

Hopefully everyone is doing well individually as well as their families and tanks.



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Finally got the 75 gallon up and running, almost got everything situated to be hidden in a cabinet next to the tank so that I can also have a little work area for testing and storing food and chemicals. Got a whole bunch of corals from [MENTION=350629]MarAquatic[/MENTION] since he had to shut his down because he's moving. Acclimating and deciding where I want to put all of them. Really need to get my refugium going and get my ATO situated so I don't have to top off manually everyday. Then doser needs to get setup and it will be on cruise control for the most part.


Hey Ken, I've got some zoa rocks with aiptasia, any chance you have room to have them cleaned off by your berghia?

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I was ramping up my new setup, but I got a new remote job, so I'm converting half of my garage into an office that is going to have a section for my tanks. I'm still going to keep my idea of having smaller display tanks connected to one sump, so I can have different aqua scapes with different kinds of coral on each. Hopefully I will have the new office done by this weekend and I will post some images here.

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Hey Steve. Nice to hear from you.

I also have a hard time reckoning how the reef hobby can be growing elsewhere but here it seems the opposite.

Our club FB page hasn't been updated since 2019. I don't even know who has the login credentials for page management. Does anyone know?
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Hey Yuri.

Glad things are coming together.

I am willing to discuss temporarily rehoming your rock for a cleaning. You have my number.

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Congratulations on the new job Andre. Sounds like your getting your reef vision in place. Hope the frags you got from me are doing ok. Looking forward to pictures.


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If anyone is on Instagram you can find me at Salty_box_reef for my future build and Suppressed_Details for my detailing page and car stuff.