how long before increasing light on new sps


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Hello, if I start my colony at the lower part of the tank, in what increments can I move the coral higher increasing the light intensity? I can't find a rule of thumb or a common procedure anywhere, and I have always either left well enough alone or taken months to place the colony higher what is acceptable a week? 2 weeks? What do you guys do?


Rebmem Deretsiger
It depends on the coral, your lighting, etc.

I'd generally wait at the bare minimum 2 weeks before moving, and that is going to mid level.


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If it's a frag, I like to put them on a magnetic frag rack and start it out low in the tank and then just slowly raise it up every few days. If it's a colony that may not work. However you do it, I'd take it slow with a colony, so about 2 weeks or so. And of course watch for color. Lightening color or white is too much light. Turning brown is too little light or nutrient issues generally.